G. Ph. Telemann: ”Kapitänsmusik 1744”
 …Written for stars from the local opera house, it is not easy to sing, though Manfred Cordes’s Weser-Renaissance Bremen perform it with great dexterity and aplomb. Soprano Monika Mauch and tenor Immo Schröder are outstanding among the soloists, and the playing is exceptional in its grandeur and elegance.  Tim Ashley, The Guardian, 24.July 2009

His singing belongs among the highlights of the recording of the Kapitänsmusik of 1744, not only in his arias but also in the recitatives, which he delivers in a really speech-like manner.
Johan Veen, musicweb-international, 2009

J. S. Bach: ”St. Matthew’s Passion”
German tenor Immo Schroeder, as the Evangelist, was brilliant in his narration. Using the whole spectrum of his voice, he was convincing and articulate; his dramatic timing, his well-sculpted phrases, his depth of emotion, his humility and the manner in which he addressed each and every nuance of the written text were moving, indeed, memorable.
Jerusalem Post

The role of the Evangelist is evident. The vocal narrative requires precise, clear presentation with excellent diction. I.S fulfilled his role superbly, with appropriate dramatic engagement and a moving, clear, and charmingly unmannered performance.
Utrechts Dagblad

J.S.Bach: „Johannes-Passion“
First and foremost was the Tenor I.S. with his captivating interpretation of the role of the Evangelist.
Limburgs Dagblad

In I.S., Lingua Musica has found a narrator who throws himself heart and soul into the story, an eyewitness whose passionate reporting of the events sweeps the audience along. Schröder’s flowing recitatives provide precise accents through vocal colour, dynamics and well-considered timing. His voice throughout is clear and round, and his text clearly understandable.
S. Lemmers, Leidsch Dagblad

J.S.Bach: „Weihnachtsoratorium“
Tenor I.S. as the Evangelist combined vocal beauty with expressively powerful narration in a completely unmannered performance.
Cellesche Zeitung

The tenor I.S. gave a performance that was free from mannerisms, yet clearly artikulated, and with a natural speech rhythm finely attuned to the playing of the sensitive Period Orchestra.
Kölnische Rundschau

G.P:Telemann: „Kapitänsmusik 1735“
Amongst the soloists, I.S in particular stood out: impressive was not only how the tenor sang the role of gloating Unthoughtfulness, but also acted the part.
Neuss-Grevenboicher Zeitung

Heinrich Schütz: „Lukas-Passion“
Jos van Veldhoven, the conductor of this ensemble, can be proud of I.S.(tenor), who understood perfectly how to portray the significance of a 17 century Passion.

Heinrich Schütz: „Matthäus-Passion“
The tenor I.S. performed the main role of the Evangelist with great imagination. His interpretation of “Eli, lama asabthani” was deeply moving.
Arnhemse Courant

Heinrich Schütz:“ Weihnachtshistoria“
The marvelous singing of Evangelist I.S. proclaimed the happy news through uplifting and richly orchestrated recitatives.
NRC Handelsblad

Immo Schröder was convincing, with delightful timbre, perfect intonation and charming, ‘spoken’ phrasing.

J.H.Graun: „Der Tod Jesu“
Musical images, firmly rooted in the Classical era, were effectively reproduced through I.S’s lively and animated performance. The tenor knew how to skillfully vary the intensity of his delivery, and revealed through precise artikulation the highlights of the Passion story.