choir arrangements

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What it’s all about:

Since the age of 16 when I was singing in my first a cappella quintett I have been continuously making vocal arrangements for different groups. While working as a professional singer in classical ensembles I improved my vocal writing challenging myself to write interesting and melodic parts for every voice – even for altos and basses! 😉

Generally, I try to avoid repetition signs in order to enable a fluent reading. Since I found, that even in professional ensembles the jumping around in the score often creates unnecessary confusion. So why not just print out more pages instead?

My choice of songs is rather individual, I guess. I just have to love the song. So, I often end up with pieces that haven’t been arranged that often yet. Like for instance In my room, Money for nothing, Time in a bottle, Make you feel my love, Wake me up. According to the motto: you can turn every good piece of music into an even better a cappella arrangement. 🙂