Christmas (mixed choir)

”Santa Tell Me”: Ariana Grande wants to know if ”Santa’s really there”. This SSATB arrangement is rather easy and a great concert piece for smaller or larger vocal groups.

”Santa’s Coming For Us”: Sia wrote this energetic Christmas calypso in 2017.

”Merry Christmas, you Suckers”: Paddy Roberts’ wonderfully ironic Christmas tune from 1962.

”White Christmas”: Irving Berlin’s immortal classic in close-harmony.

Christmas is all around”: A highlight from the movie ”Love Actually” where Bill Nighy’s character Billy Mack is ”pressing in some extra syllables” into ”Love is all around”. In my version I was pressing in some extra melodies as well. 🙂

”Both Sides Now”: Obviously, Joni Mitchell didn’t write this as a Christmas song. But in a concert it works very well as part of a ”Love Actually” group. This is a rather popular arrangement of mine that exists even in a SSAA and SSAB setting.

”God Only Knows”: Even this one is part of the same movie. Why not make it a group of three?

”Guide Me, O Thou Great Redeemer”: This famous British hymn turns out to be pretty wild in the end. 🙂

”Pipes of Peace”: Paul McCartney’s Christmas song from 1983. The master holding a torch for world peace!

NEW 2023: ”The Wexford Carol”: A beautiful Irish Carol from the 15th century.

and finally some Swedish Christmas music:

”Trettondagsfesten”: The Swedish group ”Triakel” has recorded Sam J. Lundwall’s hilarious folk song parody ”Födelsedagsfesten” in 1998. I just changed a couple of words so it became ”Trettondagsfesten” instead. 🙂

Torspar-julaftas-våggvisa”: Another atmospheric song from Triakel’s album with Christmas music. This is a composition by Alan Kristensson.

”Merry Christmas, you Suckers”: Paddy Roberts’ wonderfully ironic Christmas tune from 1962 with a couple of Swedish comments from the sideline.

”Gud, ditt folk är vandringsfolket”: This arrangement is a Swedish version of ”Guide Me, O Thou Great Redeemer”. We hear the English original in the beginning and the Swedish text in the up tempo groovy part.