SSAA non-Christmas

„God Only Knows“

This is a SSMAA a-cappella arrangement of the Beach Boys‘ beautiful classic.
It’s medium difficult and full of rich close-harmonies and polyphony. It’s also available one half tone higher (or even a whole tone higher) which can be nice if you have higher sopranos.

„Both Sides Now“

Joni Mitchell’s poetic song about life and love and all the rest in a lyrical approach.

„Pipes of Peace“

Paul McCartney celebrates love and holds a torch for world peace.

It’s McCartney at his best.

„Our Sweet Love“

One of the Beach Boys‘ most beautiful songs from the time when the surfing boards had been put away.

„Hur ska det gå?“

Melissa Horn’s energetic „love“ song with a fair amount of vocal percussion. Captivating!

„Vi är från topp till tå“

„Wir sind von Kopf bis Fuss“

Marlene Dietrich’s famous song from the movie „Der blaue Engel“. In concert it serves as a great encore piece.