SSAA Christmas

„X-mas is all around us“

The song „Love is all around us“ in the legendary version of Billy Mack from the movie „Love Actually“. In concert it can be combined with God only knows“ and „Both Sides now“ from the same movie.
It’s medium difficult and a great concert piece for small as well as large vocal groups. I’ve built in some ironic comments in Swedish that can easily be replaced by something similar in another language. 🙂

„Merry Christmas You Suckers“

Paddy Roberts‘ wonderfully ironic Christmas tune from 1962. It’s medium difficult and makes a hilarious concert piece. I quoted a famous Swedish drinking song at the end and inserted some other „comments“ that can be translated into other languages if necessary.

„White Christmas“

This is a SSAA a- cappella arrangement of Irving Berlin’s „White Christmas“.

It’s medium difficult and full of rich close-harmonies.

„Pipes Of Peace“

In this melodic as well as rythmic song Paul McCartney holds a torch for peace on earth. It’s McCartney at his best.

„Both Sides Now“

Joni Mitchell’s wonderful classic. Not really a Christmas song, but in combination with „X-mas is all around us“ and „God only knows“ you get a group of songs from the Christmas movie „Love actually“.