SATB: POP/Jazz/Country/Folk…

„Both Sides Now“: Joni Mitchell’s wonderful classic in an atmospheric, lyrical approach.

„Silly Love Songs“: This fantastic Paul McCartney song makes a great concert piece for choirs or small groups that have a couple of „silly love songs“ in their program. It’s a big favorite of my choir.

„Our Sweet Love“: Probably one of the Beach Boys‘ most beautiful love songs.

„God only knows“ (Brian Wilson): The other most beautiful love song by the Beach Boys. 🙂

„In My Room“: It’s the Beach Boys again. No surfing and no love song this time. Just chilling in the room….

„Pipes of Peace“: Paul McCartney at his best. Holding a torch for world peace!

„New“: The title song of McCartney’s album from 2013. Still it almost feels like a reminiscence of his time with the Beatles. It has some occasional divisions.

„Wanderlust“: What can I say? – Epic! A McCartney song from his time with the Wings. One of my favorites. But beware: you will get addicted to it!

„With a little help from my friends“: A slightly surprising approach to this all time favorite number. Don’t worry – be happy! 😉

„Penny Lane“: This is a SATB version of the original King’s Singers arrangement. I didn’t feel that I could make a better one.

„O, what a beautiful mornin'“: From the musical „Oklahoma“. This time in a jazzy ‚up tempo‘ beat.

„Fields Of Gold“: Sting’s beautiful autumnal love song.

„Eatnemen Vuelie“ (from „Frozen“): The „Song of the Earth“ composed by Frode Fjellheim.

„America“ from „West Side Story“: After 70 years this energetic masterpiece hasn’t lost anything of its actuality. This SSATB arrangement is not too difficult and a lot of fun!

„Hiking Song/Highway to Hell“: What is this? A Scottish highland tune paired with AC/DC? You’ll be surprised how much they have in common. 🙂 For this arrangement you need a medium high solo voice (preferably a tenor).

„Les Champs-Elysées“ (Joe Dassin): Didn’t you always want to sing this song? Here’s an easy arrangement – just brush up your French a bit!

„The Parting Glass“: This is a S(S)ATB a cappella arrangement of the famous Irish folk song „The Parting Glass“. This arrangement combines different versions of the „original“ melody, starting slow and pensive then getting into a faster groove for the next two verses. Could there be a better way to finish a concert – or an evening in the pub?

„Straighten up and fly right“: This old jazz standard has been played by the Mills Brothers, Nat King Cole and many others. This version is inspired by the vocal group Cadence. In the chorus section there’s an opportunity for a scat or kazoo improvisation. Take it away!

„This is the moment“ from „Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde„: Every choir has its guilty pleasures. Sometimes you just have to sing a Barbershop piece. This is the moment!!

„Forever And Ever, Amen“: Randy Travis‘ beautiful country song with the famous lines: „As long as old men sit ’n‘ talk about the weather, as long as old women sit ’n‘ talk about old men.“ 😉

„Seven Bridges Road“: This iconic song by Steve Young has been covered by singers like Dolly Parton, Allan Jackson and The Eagles and became a country classic.

„Nine to Five“: As we’re already in the country mode: Dolly Parton‘s contribution to the worker’s union.

„Time in a Bottle“: „There never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them.“ Luckily, I found the time to arrange this beautiful love song by singer/songwriter Jim Croce. There’s also a slightly altered version in d minor.

„O Waly, Waly“ („The Water is Wide“): A sadly beautiful British folk song about ephemeral love.

„Guide Me, O Thou Great Redeemer“: The famous British hymn in a SSATB setting. After a slow introduction it takes of into a completely different groove. Have fun!

„How Can I Keep From Singing?“: We already know we cannot keep from singing, can we? This lovely old Quaker hymn is asking the rhetorical question over and over again leading to an ecstatic ending.

„Tuesday’s Dead“: by Yusuf/Cat Stevens. It’s one of my favorite songs on his album „Tea for the Tillerman“ from 1970. Stevens achieves a beautiful combination of poetic lyrics and a captivating calypso groove.

„Wake me up“: Everybody knows of course Avicii’s megahit from 2014. In this arrangement the quality of the lyrics led me to a more pensive approach in the first part of the song. But after a while the original house groove is bound to take over.

„Oh What a World“: Can life be beautiful if men are reading fashion magazines? Straight men on top of that! For Rufus Wainright the answer is yes and absolutely worth bursting out into Ravel’s Bolero!

„Money For Nothing“: by Dire Straits. Obviously, the famous guitar riff is now played on an a cappella air guitar – so at least you won’t get „blisters on your little finger“.

„Under Attack“: My first arrangement of an ABBA song! I absolutely adore the original and tried to make this a worthy tribute.

„My Lord What a Morning“: A very atmospheric version of this traditional spiritual written on a marvelous summer day at home on Ingarö. I hope I caught the vibes. 🙂

„Man in the Mirror“: Siedah Garrett wrote and sung it originally. We all know Michael Jackson’s version of it which is very much inspired by Garrett’s. My arrangement requires a second soprano part. I made sure to offer all voices an opportunity to sing the melody at some point. So that everybody’s happy. 😉

„The Bridge“: From Sting’s 2021 album with the same title. A wonderful song. The setting is SSATB but it also works without the first soprano part.