SATB Christmas

For Christmas songs in Swedish please click here.

„White Christmas“: This is a SATB arrangement of Irving Berlin’s „White Christmas“.
It’s medium difficult and full of rich close-harmonies.

„Merry Christmas You Suckers“: Paddy Roberts‘ wonderfully ironic Christmas tune from 1962. It’s medium difficult and a hilarious concert piece for small as well as large vocal groups. I quoted a famous Swedish drinking song at the end and made some other „comments“ in Swedish – but they can easily be changed into English as well.

„X-mas is all around us“: The song „Love is all around us“ in the legendary version of Billy Mack from the movie „Love actually„. In a Christmas concert it can be combined with „God only knows“ and Both Sides now“ from the same movie. I’ve built in a couple of other Christmas songs and a little bit in Swedish – but that can easily be replaced by something in English as well. 🙂

„Pipes Of Peace“: In this melodic as well as rhythmical song Paul McCartney holds a torch for peace on earth. It’s McCartney at his best.

„Guide Me, O Thou Great Redeemer“: The famous British hymn in a SSATB setting. After a slow introduction it takes off into a different groove. Have fun!

„Santa’s coming for us“: A Christmas calypso by Sia from her 2017 Christmas album.

„Santa tell me“: Ariana Grande’s 2014 Christmas hit.

„Man in the Mirror“: Obviously, this piece suits perfectly for a Christmas program. Siedah Garrett wrote and sung it originally. We all know Michael Jackson’s version of it which is very much inspired by Garrett’s. My arrangement requires a second soprano part. It offers all voices an opportunity to sing the melody at some point. So that everybody’s happy. 😉

„The Bridge“: From Sting’s 2021 album with the same title. A wonderful song. The setting is SSATB but it also works without the first soprano part. If you think that „Man in the Mirror“ is a suitable song for a Christmas program then this one definitely is!